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Fulfilment is not a lifetime achievement; it's a daily treat when you're in the right environment. Rain is constantly on the look-out for graduates, with Honours degrees, specifically, candidates seeking training in public practice (TIPP) rather than training outside public practice (TOPP).

One of the major benefits of becoming a Rainmaker is the wide range of learning experience that is opened up by Rain, as opposed to a focus on a single area within the audit cycle. If you are interested in a career at Rain, please send us your CV (for student applications, please include your academic transcript as well as your CV), or apply online.

Nathalie Anastasia

HR Manager

  • Hazel Chingore

    I joined Rain in 2012 and was welcomed by an office full of friendly and helpful people. I have had the opportunity to work with a dynamic team on various clients and build valuable relationships.

    I have gained experience in different industries ranging from pharmaceuticals, financial services, farming, information technology and have been privileged to be mentored by my managers at Rain.

    The firm continues to grow and allows the clerks exposure to other non-audit services, such as taxation, accounting work and advisory work including valuation of companies and due diligence reviews.

  • Mari-Louise Nawrattel

    Bigger isn't always better.

    Having worked for a smaller firm I can vouch that Rain has been under estimated by most.

    The work environment is dynamic as Rain's services range from simple accounting processing, to high profile consulting. Rain also offers experience serving both the private and public sector and the referrals will speak for themselves.

    Rain's staff is focused on quality service, good relationships and value adding ideas.

    Rain is the one company where ex-employees constantly go back to say "Hi"...not many other companies can say that about themselves...and it's all because Rain has become their home.

    Good old fashion SERVICE does exist.

  • Bontle Ramatlapana

    joined Rain as a 1st year article clerk in 2012. Rain afforded me the opportunity to start my career and provided me with the ideal training platform.

    The transition from being a student to an article clerk was made easy by the assistance of a mentor. The close-knit family environment and business culture encourages clerks to persevere and have impeccable work ethics. Clerks are encouraged to always think outside the box and apply technical knowledge consistently.

    I have been exposed to different assurance and non- assurance engagements from all industry spheres. And this has afforded me the opportunity to challenge myself from the first day and has encouraged me to be more assertive and flourish.


Job Listing

Articled Clerk - 2019

Contract - 3 Year Article Training RAiN is currently employing dedicated and passionate SA Citizen students to join their 2019 team. The successful thinkers MUST : Be currently doing CTA 2 or Honours (full time). Have good communication skills - verbal and written. Must have knowledge of Excel and Word. Deadline driven and good time management skills. Ability to maintain a high degree of confidentiality. Meticulous attention to detail and accuracy. Knowledge of IFRS, IAS, tax legislation and Companies Act. Ability to work in a team. RESPONSIBLE. Ability to adapt to various scenarios and situations. YOUR DUTIES : Assist in carrying out basic audit tests and substantive procedures. Asks questions where necessary and understands all work that has been delegated to them. Produce quality understandable working papers. Evaluate the results of the procedures / tests performed and formulate appropriate conclusions.

Date posted: 2015-04-24