Undiluted values

integrity, honesty, quality, confidentiality & tolerance


Ian Pierce


Ron Botes

Risk & Assurance Services

Hazel Chingore

Audit Manager

Jan van der Merwe

Karen Ras

Tax Consultant


The 'boutique' mentality
Rain believes that boutiques deliver excellent products with outstanding service at better prices, and that experts deliver maximum value when they are closer to their clients. For this reason, we pride ourselves on being both nimble and adequately resourced to offer superlative service in a cost-efficient manner.

Undiluted values
Rain's company essence is pure, simple and straightforward, based on undiluted values like integrity, honesty, quality, confidentiality and tolerance - all of which are demonstrated by every member of our team. We take pride in our work, the talent of our people, the depth of their experience and our responses to clients' needs.


Rain's global expansion
Rain accompanies growth; causes fruitfulness; yields bounty - within an environment where expansion into the global field is proving to be a natural path for many clients.

For this reason, Rain is a full partner in the MSI Global Alliance, an international multi-disciplinary affiliation of independent accounting, law, tax and specialist professional service providers across 100 countries.

We maximise this association and involvement to deliver significant value for clients with global interests.

MSI Global Alliance

Economic Empowerment

Rain invigorates. Infuses. Purifies. Empowers.
We're a proudly South African company. At the same time, while we're 100% black-owned, we also have a strong mix of cultures.

For Rain, it is the small daily decisions that define 'empowerment': who is chosen as an IT partner, which BEE enterprises should serve as suppliers, where procurements come from and who they enrich, and how employees can have their dreams realised.

This is why Rain is based on a sense of common humanity that crosses colour and language barriers, and how we have produced a spectacular hybrid of clients and staff.